Kate Adams

From an early age, Kate Adams loved music and wanted to create it. She grew surrounded by music and was introduced to ministry early by performing in her local church as well as travelling with her family doing music ministry. Now 27, her musical journey continues as she seeks to make music for God's glory.

Although she began songwriting in her early teens, Kate says, "It wasn't easy to share a song I had written, because it felt like a piece of my journal was torn out and put to melody". But as she grew, she came to the realization that this gift just wasn't for her, it needed to be stewarded faithfully. Unsure of her future, but sure of her God, she became a student at Teen Mania's Honor Academy in Garden Valley Texas, and then went on as an intern serving with the ministry's Acquire the Fire Conferences in the financial services department. "Although I had desired to be apart of the worship team for the conference, the Lord placed me where He wanted me. Serving in that ministry was such a blessing, because I got to be a part of something greater than myself." After two years with Teen Mania, Kate moved back home to Belleville, Ontario, where she worked and waited for God's leading.

Desiring an adventure and new opportunity, she took a chance, packed up her car, and drove to Nashville to live with friends for a few months. "I had nothing to lose, I had always wanted to live in Nashville, the opportunity arose, and I took it." Although Kate felt that she was a very small fish, in this very big music city pond, this time continued to grow her and many songs were written in this time of seeking. Returning home, she became more determined to hone her craft. She enrolled in Heritage College and Seminary in a Worship Leadership Certificate program. While there, she was able to not only be a part of a variety of singing opportunities but was able to have some great mentors and teachers such as Jacob Moon (singer-songwriter) Mike Janzen (of the Mike Janzen Trio, and pianist for Steve Bell) and Andrew Horrocks (Producer of the Year, 2010 GMA Canada Covenant Award).

Now graduated, Kate is continuing to take steps to use her gifts, being a finalist in a Gospel Music Association (GMA) Canada conference talent showcase, winner of the 2011 UCB Talent Scan (and runner up for the 2010 UCB Talent Scan), and now with the release of her first album What Is Left Unseen. As with the birthing of this album, as also in life, Kate says that, "On this journey, my heart has been steadied by this truth. For even though the roads we walk can be overshadowed by fear, confusion and doubt, our hope is not in what is seen, but in Him who is unseen with the eyes, but known in the heart, and evidenced in life."