The Booth Brothers

With their harmony-drenched vocals and warm, easy voices, the Booth Brothers have been sharing their faith and their music full-time since 1998. These men get their musical influences from a wide range of performers-from the Eagles to the Gatlin Brothers to legendary gospel greats such as Bill Gaither and Mosie Lister. But their inspiration comes straight from God.

Ronnie and Michael grew up with the sound of music in their home. Raised in Tampa, Florida, their father, Ron Sr., sang in several southern gospel groups, including the Rebels Quartet. Ronnie and Michael began travelling with their father as the Booth Brothers in 1990. Father and sons ministered together for the next eight years, singing wherever God opened the doors.

In 1998, Ron Sr. retired from the stage so Ronnie and Michael began looking for a new singing partner. They had several capable singers come through the group, but most recently teamed up with Jim Brady, formerly of The Schulers. The newest "Booth Brother" actually had his first gig with the brothers at a Gaither event. "We didn't even have a chance to really practice," Ronnie says laughingly. "We just met him at the event. We ran through a couple of things and then we went on stage!" But the combination worked from the beginning and Jim has become an integral part of the trio.

This trio has been gracing fans and blessing audiences with their appearances on the Gaither Homecoming tour and their own fairly heavy touring schedule over the last several years. They are known for their high energy and humorous yet touching concerts, but their deepest desire is to show God's love, grace and forgiveness through the song God has given them to sing. The Booth Brothers' dedication to the music they love has rewarded them with multiple awards and recognitions. Included among these are Trio of the Year, Male Group of the Year, Best Live Performer of the Year, Song of the Year and Group of the year and various other honours.

About The Booth Brothers

Ronnie Booth

Ronnie Lee Booth II was born in Detroit, Michigan, during the time that his dad, Ron, Sr, was singing with the Toney Brothers. Ronnie enjoyed singing from a very young age. He attended his dad's concerts where he stood up in the seat and sang along with the music, using whatever object he could find for a microphone. When Ronnie was just two, his dad joined the Rebels Quartet based in Tampa, so the family packed up and moved to the state of Florida. At the age of five, Ronnie sang "The Night Before Easter" on the Rebels' television program. It was just one year later when Ronnie asked the Lord to come into his heart and be his personal Savior.

Ronnie's love for music and singing continued to grow and he joined the choirs in junior high, high school and at church. He was chosen to sing both as a soloist and in special groups. Ronnie submersed himself in a variety of musical styles and was able to absorb the best of all of them. With his smooth lead voice, he has the ability to sing many styles of music with great expertise.

Ronnie truly believes that God has entrusted him and the Booth Brothers to bring the gospel to those needing to hear about God's gift of salvation. He relates, "Evangelism is very important to the Booth Brothers. We want people to understand their need to accept Christ as their personal Saviour. We also feel that there is a need for God's people to be encouraged and reminded that we aren't home yet. The Word of God is real and our best days are ahead of us!"

Ronnie, his wife Kim, and their children Amy, Jonathan, Ronnie Lee and Daniel make up the family. They reside in Thompson's Station, Tennessee.

Michael Booth

Michael David Booth was born in Tampa, Florida and lived there most of life until his family moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee in 2004. His introduction to music came through hearing his dad's southern gospel group "war stories" as well as listening to southern gospel music. He became a born-again Christian at the age of seven. He credits his study in the Word as a teenager in being instrumental in strengthening his relationship with the Lord. As a youngster, Michael became interested in playing the drums and would use his mother's pots and pans as a drum set. He continued to play drums throughout junior high and high school, winning trophies and being awarded a jazz scholarship to college upon his graduation from high school.

Singing came late for Michael compared to his brother, Ronnie. His first attempt to sing came in 1990 at the age of 19. Although he had plenty of confidence when he was playing drums on stage, singing on stage was a different story. Eventually, with lots of practice, his desire to minister through song overcame his fear and started him on the road to becoming the artful singer he is today.

Michael met his future wife, Vicki, at an early Booth Brother concert in Temple Terrace, Florida in 1992. They were soon married and today live in Tennessee with their sons, Christian Michael and Jonathan David. Both boys have little glimmers of Michael's unforgettable personality shining through here and there. Michael enjoys every opportunity he has to spend time with his family. "It's amazing how the days fly by and the kids grow so fast," he says. "I don't want to look back in 20 years and regret that I missed an opportunity to make a difference in my kids' lives."

The past several years have been special ones for Michael's career. The group has been privileged to sing with so many talented artists both while being part of the Gaither Homecoming program and pursuing their own concerts dates. When asked what these experiences are like, Michael says, "I guess the thing that affects me most is that among all the thousands of faces out there each night, I want to make sure that God uses the Booth Brothers to minister to those that need God's touch and His free gift of salvation, even if it's only one person. Bill Gaither tells us to sing in such a way that the folks get just a glimpse of heaven. What an awesome responsibility! And most of all, we want all that we do to bring honour and glory to our Lord and Saviour!

Jim Brady

The newest member of the Booth Brothers, Jim Brady, joined the group in the summer of 2002. He has a long history of music and singing. He began singing when he was five years old with his mom and dad and SEVEN brothers and sisters. They called themselves The Brady Family, but were affectionately known as "The Christian Brady Bunch". He was raised in Houston, Texas. Today, Jim lives with his wife, Melissa, in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

When Jim was sixteen he started writing songs and has since written over 100 songs. Many in the industry have recorded his songs including Ivan Parker, Lordsong, The Whisnants, Gold City, The Talleys, Legacy Five and The Booth Brothers.

For almost 10 years, Jim sang with The Shulers. The trio was comprised of Jack Shuler (Melissa's dad), Melissa Shuler Brady and Jim. During that time The Shulers were nominated for Horizon Group of The Year (Singing News Fan Awards) and New Artist of the Year (SGMA). Several of their songs reached the top 20 and top 40 on the gospel charts. The Shulers were best known for their family harmony and original songs written by Jim and Melissa Brady.

Not only does Jim bring a wonderful baritone blend to The Booth Brothers, but his song-writing skills and bass and acoustic guitar talents are a welcomed addition. Jim reveals that "I knew from the first note we sang together that something was special about the blend. Mosie Lister said I "sounded like a brother" and Jake Hess said "you fit". Michael, Ronnie and I are like-minded, not only in the music, but also in ministry. It is exciting to see how God is using this group."

The main thing that Jim and Melissa, also a talented singer-songwriter, want people to know is: "What we do is always and only about the Lord and telling others about Him. When we write and when we sing it is our desire and our goal, first and foremost, to lift Him up in praise." Visit them at