Mike Fluit

Have you ever thought about making a soundtrack to your life? What songs would it include? How many songs would it take? For Mike Fluit, the answer is simple - Around Ten.

"Around Ten is basically a collection of songs telling the story of my life up until now," says Mike. "Relationships, friends, soul-searching - all parts of my life. These songs are my stories." For the listener, the result is a CD that is full of real songs - honest and vulnerable, but somehow still exciting and fun.

If we're going to take a look into the soundtrack that is Around Ten, let's back up to 2004 when Mike released his debut EP Remember August. Received by the Canadian Music Industry with open arms, the EP yielded 3 top 5 Canadian Christian hits, including the hit Foot in Mouth. Remember August opened a lot of doors for Mike, including giving him the opportunity to perform at the GMA Canada Covenant Awards. Now, in 2006, he has taken 4 of the songs from Remember August and combined them with 6 new and sure-to-be favourites and made them available to the general public for the first time through CMC Distribution.

The lead off single This Year is perhaps one of the most honest songs of the whole lot. "This Year is a new year's resolution" says Mike. "It's a rock song about deciding to live your life the way you were meant to - the way we were created to be." Other songs include the more introspective Still Hear Your Voice in which Mike struggles with life changing decisions and career moves. In fact, when you listen, all the songs will draw you into his life and may even have you reflecting on your own.

But Around Ten is more than just mere stories. It's a CD chalked full of the musical craftsmenship that Mike has become well-known for. Layers of acoustic and electric guitars, catchy vocal harmonies and drums round out the songs which range from straight-up rock to acoustic ballads. "Although some of the songs on the record are pretty complex, they all originally started as songs that I wrote at home on my acoustic guitar and just evolved from there" says Mike.

In the end, Around Ten is a pleasing mix of everything you want to hear. So, give Around Ten a listen. Chances are it will not just tell Mike's stories, but it will probably come close to telling some of the stories of your life too - and believe me, you'll be humming these tunes for weeks to come.