The Jody Brown Indian Family is a group of people who love the Lord with all of their hearts. Jody Brown, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian from Western North Carolina, his wife Donna, and Donna's mother, Sue Hedrick, began to sing in the early nineties after Jody's mother and father retired their own family group, the Singing Browns. Jody had been a part of that group for many years, along with his parents and his brother. During this time, Jody and Donna's son, Jeremy, had begun to study guitar, while his sister, Stephanie, had discovered a love for singing. Stephanie, accompanied by her brother's acoustic guitar playing, became a fixture in the Brown Family concerts. As their talents progressed, they both became full-fledged members of the group.

After adopting the "Indian" moniker and adding Jody's name to that of the group, the quintet found itself traveling increasingly further outside their tiny town of Robbinsville, North Carolina. Following several years of life on the road, Sue felt a need to leave the road to assist her husband, Lennox, who had begun to pastor what would eventually become the group's home church.

A few months later, Jeremy met and fell in love with soprano Ashley Buchanan. Jeremy began making the two-hour-plus commute from Robbinsville to Fletcher, North Carolina almost weekly. Later that year, Jeremy and Ashley announced their engagement and were married on October 16, 2001. Ashley joined the front line of the group and became an integral part of the group's vocal versatility.

The Jody Brown Family today consists of Jody Brown, baritone, bass guitarist; his wife, Donna, alto vocalist; Jeremy, their son, who sings both bass and baritone, is an accomplished guitar player, and also plays mandolin, piano, and bass guitar; daughter Stephanie, mezzo-soprano and mandolin player; and Jeremy's wife, Ashley Brown, who sings soprano. Sue Hedrick remains involved in the group part-time as off ice manager.

You can tell something about a man when you look at his children. When you look at Jody and Donna Brown's children,Jeremy and Stephanie you see a wondrous reflection of Jesus Christ. This anointing on their music has taken them many places at their young ages. The brother and sister duo have an amazing musical harmony, evidenced by their musicianship on the two band projects they have produced. This group has great family harmony and a style which sets them apart from many other groups. Watching this group on stage is exciting, as they always have the joy of the Lord shining on their faces. Jody will be quick to tell you that he is just blessed! Not only will they entertain you, but they will also minister to you.

As the Jody Brown Indian Family travels across the country, they continue to bless the hearts of all who hear them.