Aaron Keyes

Aaron began leading worship in the summer of 1998 at the JH Ranch, a Christian camp in Northern California. Upon returning to college, Aaron and a few friends began their own weekly late-night worship service. Called Underground, the regular worship meetings continued for two years and attracted hundreds of college students from across the state.

Since then Aaron has served as the worship pastor for Crossroads Community Church as well as worship leader for Wayfarer Ministries' 20-something Bible-study called Engage. Aaron has travelled around the nation and to other countries to worship with various other communities as well. His passion is for the body of Christ to come together in Biblical praise.

Aaron graduated from Furman University in June of 2000, and married Megan three weeks later. 15 months later their first son, Cooper was born. Only 14 months after Cooper, their second son, Judah was born. After worshiping with Crossroads Community Church for seven years, in January of 2003 the Keyes family relocated from Greenville, South Carolina to Lawrenceville, Georgia, where Aaron began working as the worship pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, where he's still leading worship and mentoring younger worship leaders.

In July of 2006, Aaron's third son, Nyle, was born. According to Aaron, Cooper and Judah are burgeoning little soccer stars, and Nyle is the happiest baby ever born (in the history of babies being born), despite ambitious baby teeth trying to bring him down. Between church life, travelling, song-writing, and parenting, Aaron and Megan are loving their lives and excited about their next season of life, love, and music.

In 2006 Aaron began a relationship with Kingsway Music, and in early 2007 Aaron spent a week at Abbey Road with producer John Hartley meeting and writing with some of praise and worship’s finest songwriters.

Stuart Townend, writer of ‘In Christ Alone’ and ‘How Deep the Father's Love for Us’ joined Aaron to write a hymn version of Psalm 62, and Paul Oakley (‘Jesus, Lover of my Soul’) collaborated to write ‘Be Like Jesus’. The beautifully didactic ‘Blessing and Honor’ is a joint effort with Steve Hindalong (‘God of Wonders’), and Gary Sadler (‘Ancient of Days’) co-wrote ‘I Am Yours’. Dutch worship leader Kees Kraayenord helped write the tender song of surrender ‘Help Me Lord’, and Aaron’s ‘Where Are You Now’ is a rare glimpse into worship through lament.

Soaring and, at times, exuberant tracks balance the meditative moments that help define Aaron’s album Not Guilty Anymore. ‘Never Cease to Amaze’ is a rocking dance song that injects energy into the entire project. Several tracks, including ‘Forever Worthy’ and ‘Not Guilty Anymore’, are powerful anthems already being sung in local churches. The album builds toward the final triumphant statement of ‘Not What My Hands’, provoking a depth of response to God that is rich in gratitude and honesty.