Out Of Ruin

Gram and Ben Messer, the heart of the musical group Out Of Ruin, have been recording and performing together for 13 years, giving these two brothers a special bond and chemistry. Starting a band in their teenage years, they knew performing and writing music would be a lifelong passion for the both of them.

Lead vocalist Gram Messer started out, ironically, as the drummer of the group and in 1999 they officially formed "Out of Ruin" and began performing with the addition of a bass player and singer. "We just loved playing", says Gram, "and we played anywhere we were asked."

"A few years back, Gram and I shared the stage with P.O.D., and the very same day, sat down at a coffee house with Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and chatted", says Ben. "He was so down to earth, and that made a huge impression on both of us."

After four tough years of writing, recording, and performing as a four piece rock band, the group splintered and left Ben and Gram unsure of what to do next. "We had a tough time finding other musicians that really loved music, instead of really loving being in a band", says guitarist Ben Messer, "We auditioned hundreds of people, and we just couldn't find a singer with the heart and emotion we were looking for. We knew exactly what we wanted to express with our music, and just could not find it."

Feeling as though they needed a fresh start, Ben and Gram began writing songs on acoustic guitar and piano. Gram also set the drumsticks aside, and picked up a microphone to front the duo for the first time.

"Something almost magical happened," comments Ben. "When Gram started singing, he really feels the music deeply, and you can hear that in his voice. We knew we found what we were looking for!"

In 2003, the guys took their first 6 songs into a Nashville studio, and cut their first E.P. entitled Black To White. Traveling the southwest, they began to build a fan base with their new sound.

It was this new sound that caught the ear of award winning producer Ken Mary of SonicPhish Productions (Trik Turner, LaRue, Ricardo). In November of 2005, work began on 12 unique songs that combined powerful rock, heart swelling ballads, and breath taking musicality. From producer to artists, it was everyones goal to make an album that would stand the test of time, and be a true work of art. The album Mosaic Soul was born out of this desire.

Producer Ken Mary says, "Out of Ruin are true artists. They are great musicians and writers, and their unique music is definitely inspired. When we picked the music for this record, we weren't concerned with trends or making all the songs sound the same. We just wanted to create music that moved us emotionally, and then hopefully that would touch thousands and then millions of other people."

Touring as an acoustic duo and also as a full band depending on the venue, lead singer Gram states "Just like when we first started, we still love playing live. There is nothing like writing songs, making a great recording that you are proud of, and then performing those songs in front of a live audience. We just feel blessed to have the opportunity to share what is in our heart.