Ted & Be'Er Sheva Pearce

Ted Pearce lived his teenage years in Beaumont Texas as an atheist. It was not until he decided to read the Bible, to find contradiction within it, did God reveal Himself mightily to Ted. A radically core shaking experience by the Holy Spirit in 1990 brought Ted to become a believer and he has been a worshipper for the Lord ever since.

Ted had already been playing professionally as a musician, but the Lord refined His gift towards worship and Ted soon recorded his first messianic album, Shield of David (1991).

He later put together a Christian rock band releasing two very different albums, Nomadic Farmers (1997) and Big Methuselah (1999).

But his desire to bless Israel led him to record a new messianic project, which was called Letter to the Hebrews and released in Jerusalem on The Day of Pentecost 2001. Ted's debut on Messianic worship label Galilee of the Nations followed in October of 2002 with Zealous Over Zion.

Following that, Road to Jerusalem is a compilation birthed out of the hearts of Coach Bill McCartney and Raleigh Washington to bring Christian Churches and the messianic community together in unity and includes artists like Paul Wilbur, Marty Goetz, Lamb, Joel Chernoff, Jonathan Settel, Karen Davis, Rachel Washington, and Ted Pearce. These all sing together on the title song co-written by Yochanan ben Yehuda and Ted Pearce, which released internationally on June 7th, 2005.

His follow up solo release, Hallelu Et Adonai is a collection of simple acoustic songs written for small music teams and released October 2005.

In addition to those two releases, Ted and Joel Chernoff collaborated to revive the Messianic pioneer group, Lamb. Their CD, The Sacrifice released on Integrity Records came out in October of 2005 also.

And his latest release includes the powerfully emotional Forgotten People DVD which comes as a bonus to the For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent compilation CD. This was released in conjuction with German churches in Dachau Germany on April 2007 during Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Ted's greatest prayer is to see all the sons of Adam turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. May all who live trust in Him!