Every once in a while, you come across a group of people who refuse to let things stay the way they are. Fuelled by a passion for what they believe, they cannot complacently sit by and watch culture consistently walk down the wrong path - they are mobilized to action. Without these people, society would never change.

Enter Unhindered, a Christian worship band based out of Atlanta, GA. More than just a group of musicians playing together, Unhindered is a community that is dedicated to tirelessly labouring to lead people to God. A band that has been forming since some of its' members were in high school, Unhindered released their first CD, City Streets, in Fall of 2005 and have since sold over 20,000 copies. Since then they have release a live DVD, Unhindered Live Worship Experience, in 2007 and are anticipating the release of their forthcoming record titled, Be", which is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2009.

Led by front men Ben Smith and Patrick Barrett, Unhindered's unique ability to engage worshippers across age as well as cultural barriers has brought the group in front of churches and conferences nationwide as well as internationally. With a passionate heart for engaging students in worship, the band now travels extensively and is excited and humbled by their quickly-growing platform for ministry.

Unhindered consists of Ben Smith (Keyboards/Vocals), Patrick Barrett (Guitars/Vocals), Christian Paschall (Drums/Programming), J.R. Collins (Bass/BGV), and Ashley Dasher (Guitars).