Unashamed - CD

Building 429
Provident Label Group
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Coming off two highly successful projects, Building 429 delivers their third studio record on Essential records called Unashamed. Unashamed features the hit single "Impossible" that garnered a Provident Label Group record 95 adds out of the box. This new project, promises to deliver more of the same powerful anthem fueled songs that Building 429 has been known for.

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UPC: 083061099923
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Publisher: Provident Label Group
Label: Essential Records
Release Date: 2015-09-25
Building 429

Building 429

Listen To The Sound Quite often the gifts that God gives believers take on an added potency when simmered in the sauce of experience. Such is the case with Building 429, the talented pop/rock outfit that topped the charts in 2004 with "Glory Defined" and proceeded to build one of the Christian music community's most impacting ministries. Now after nearly a decade in the national spotlight, Building 429 has teamed with Provident Music Group for their fifth album, Listen To The Sound. "It...


Unashamed - CD

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