Love Made a Way - CD

Aaron Shust
Capitol Christian Distribution
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After years of touring and the early success of songs like "My Savior, My God"-which became one of the most played songs ever on Christian radio-Aaron Shust returned to his roots, both musically and geographically. In 2010 Aaron moved his family back to his hometown of Aliquippa, PA and he accepted the position of volunteer worship leader in the small church where he had grown up. Even as he recorded two new records for Centricity Music he was rediscovering the notion that he was a worship leader rather than a performer, and that the songs he wrote should be offerings for the church more than attempts to get songs played on the radio. His forth coming record, releasing in March 2017, will include live worship songs including his newest radio single, "You Redeem"

Track Listing

01. Heartbeat (feat. Matt Hammitt)

02. My Hope Is In You (feat. April Geesbreght)

03. Belong

04. You Redeem (feat. Matt Hammitt)

05. Ever Be (feat. Emily Hamilton of For All Seasons)

06. God of Brilliant Lights

07. Cornerstone (feat. Jilian Linklater)

08. Death Was Arrested (feat. Christy Nockels)

09. Resurrecting (feat. Molly Reed of Grayson|Reed)

10. My Savior My God (feat. Christy Nockels)

11. Lead On (King Eternal)

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Release Date: 2017-03-10
Aaron Shust

Aaron Shust

"When your whole world is suddenly shaking, you need a firm place to stand. You see what it is in your life that's stable and true and strong enough to hold you up, and you reach for that, you run to that. In a way, life becomes simpler because the distractions fall away and you find out what you really believe." This Is What We Believe It wasn't the typical way to record an album: with your producer in Nashville and you in Alquippa, Pennsylvania. With your wife and two year old son...


Love Made a Way - CD

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