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The HOMECOMING family of artists led by Bill and Gloria Gaither gathered for an evening of gospel singing, storytelling and a celebration of lifelong friendships that have only grown Sweeter As The Days Go By. Featuring the award-winning Oak Ridge Boys, the Gatlin Brothers, Jeff & Sheri Easter, the Booth Brothers, Russ Taff, Goodman Revival, the Gaither Vocal Band and more, this all-new CD/DVD release includes "Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome," "It Is No Secret," "We'll Talk It Over" and "Roses Will Bloom Again."

01. Promises One By One (featuring Buddy Mullins, Shane McConnell)

02. Sweeter As The Days Go By (featuring The Nelons, Sheri Easter, Wesley Pritchard, Angela Primm, Wes Hampton, Larnelle Harris,

03. The Secret (featuring Terry Blackwood and The Imperials)

04. Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome

05. You've Got A Friend (featuring Bill Gaither & Todd Suttles with the Gaither Vocal Band)

06. Roses Will Bloom Again (featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter)

07. It Is No Secret (featuring The Booth Brothers)

08. The Eastern Gate (featuring Goodman Revival)

09. The Sweetest Song I Know (featuring Goodman Revival, Russ Taff, Michael English)

10. Rest In You Tonight (featuring The Oak Ridge Boys)

11. He Speaks To Me (featuring Cynthia Clawson, Michael Sykes, Michael English)

12. At Calvary (featuring The Collingsworth Family)

13. We'll Understand It Better By And By (featuring Amy Lambert, Shane McConnell, Lillie Knauls, Larnelle Harris)

14. Clean (featuring The Gatlin Brothers)

15. But God (featuring Larnelle Harris)

16. I Do Believe (featuring Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)

17. When God Seems So Near (featuring Layke Jones, Autumn Nelon Thompson, Brooklyn Collingsworth)

18. We'll Talk It Over (featuring the Gaither Vocal Band)

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Gaither & Friends


Give the World a Smile - DVD

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