Soul On Fire - Songs of Faith - CD

Various Artists
Provident Label Group
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Using data from Google, Spotify, iTunes and CCM Radio, these are the most searched, most played, most popular catalog songs from Provident Label Group's top artists. Grouped thematically into 2 albums, we've made it easy for people to find the songs they are looking for.

Track Listing:

Third Day - Soul on Fire

Casting Crowns - Just Be Held

Matt Maher - Because He Lives

Tenth Avenue North - Worn

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes

Building 429 - Where I Belong

Moriah Peters - Brave

Third Day - Cry Out To Jesus

Casting Crowns - Who Am I?

I AM THEY - From The Day

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UPC: 084418097524
Item: 313821
Publisher: Provident Label Group
Label: Lifter Today
Release Date: 2017-07-14

Various Artists


Soul On Fire - Songs of Faith - CD

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