Stones - CD

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Manafest is a barrier breaking singer, songwriter, rapper, author and skater. He effortlessly merges rock, rap and pop throughout his music, carefully assembling experiences and compelling inspirations that

speak to a wide variety of fans across the globe. His unique style has garnered him notable achievements such as four JUNO nominations, multiple GMA Dove nominations and a slew of GMA Canada Covenant

awards. His music has been featured in the NFL, video games, throughout television shows such as Knight Rider, One Tree Hill andMTV Unplugged, and most recently in the movie Hard Target 2. His

intelligent and contagious music has sold over 300,000 albums worldwide and has brought him to perform over 1,000 shows across 4 continents.

In 2017 fans can look forward to Manafest releasing his eighth studio album Stones independently. On this album Manafest brought in longtime friend and Grammy Award-winning producer Adam Messinger,

Grammy-Award winning producer Seth Mosley, and for the first time producer and multi-instrumentalist Lenny Skolnik. "Stones will be a rock record," said Manafest. "Throughout the album, I explore how things are thrown in our path. I may face obstacles and judgements but I'm not going to quit. A fighter never stops no matter what stones are thrown their way." He also notes that it's very easy to throw stones at other people and wants to encourage his fans to be more self aware.

Manafest just got off the road opening for Scott Stapp and will be touring with Adelitas Way in early 2017. Known for his high-energy performances, Manafest has shared the stage with the likes of P.O.D, Scott Stapp, Flyleaf, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Skillet. The organic relationship Manafest has with his fans has fed to much of his success. He has cultivated this relationship through engagement, giving back and connecting with them on a deeper level through story submissions. His fans have participated in fully funded projects and completely support Manafest through his other ventures such as the release of his book Fighter.

"A fighter isn't someone who never fails," said Manafest, "a fighter is someone who never quits." This international artist has truly lived up these very words. From a young age Manafest has gone through life altering events that have made him the person he is today, such as losing his father to suicide at the age of five years old and having to put aside a budding skateboarding career due to an accident. Music gave Manafest the outlet he needed to spread positivity to others and he's on a mission to reach more people than ever delivering uplifting, envelope-pushing and inspirational music.

Track List

1. Stones

2. House of Cards

3. Firestarter

4. When The Truth Comes Out

5. Find a Way To Fight

6. You're Gonna Rise

7. Blow You Away

8. Coming Back

9. Merry Go Round

10. Amplifier

11. Won't Give Up

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Fighter Plato said, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." International rock artist Manafest (real name: Chris Greenwood) knows the saying well; his uphill climb began at age five when his father committed suicide. Years of childhood insecurity and fear gave way to a promising skateboarding career, but then an injury took that away, too. Music soon filled the void, and it would prove to be a perfect fit. Putting words to driving rhythms gave Chris a way to be a...


Stones - CD

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