Love & Other Dreams - CD

Royce Lovett
Capitol Christian Distribution
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Love & Other Dreams is the compelling new album from Motown Gospel recording artist Royce Lovett. This genre-bending collection of music organically fuses hip-hop, soul and rock to showcase Lovett's unmistakable voice, guitar-driven melodies, and profound lyricism with a unique urban flair.

Produced by Max Stark (Kirk Franklin, The Walls Group, Anthony Evans and Tamela Mann), and with songs co-written by Lovett and Stark, Love & Other Dreams features 7 honest but hope-filled songs that are sure to resonate with listeners everywhere.

Royce Lovett brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the musical landscape. Having groomed his lyrical skills for years as an underground emcee, Lovett was signed to Motown Gospel in 2014 and has carved his own musical path ever since.

Track Listing

001. Up For Love

002. Mr. Radio

003. Runnin'

004. Ballad (Fly)

005. Sunday Morning (Thinkin `Bout You)

006. A Hero Song

007. Up For Love

For Fans Of: Mali Music, City High, Uncle Reese, Common

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Publisher: Capitol Christian Distribution
Label: Motown Gospel
Release Date: 2017-07-14

Royce Lovett

Sometimes you have to let go of something you love to find it again. That's exactly what Royce Lovett did. For a year, the singer/songwriter stopped listening to music. "What I was hearing didn't inspire creativity," recalls Lovett, who also raps and plays guitar. "Everything talked about giving your life to Christ, which is great. But what's after that? I needed something more. I was praying one night when God told me something I've been doing ever since-write for...


Love & Other Dreams - CD

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