Live - CD

Sung By Decemberadio
Capitol Christian Distribution · 2010
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Publisher: Capitol Christian Distribution
Label: Spring Hill Music
Published: 2010
Release Date: 2010-03-23
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Live - DVD


Ask anyone who has ever been to a DecembeRadio show to describe the experience and you'll get an enthusiastic barrage of comments about the band's blistering stage show, an adrenaline-fueled rock spectacle that leaves audiences nearly breathless. Yet intertwined among the searing guitars and anthemic choruses, the heart of the band shines through on every note. It's that unwavering commitment to spread the Gospel that defines the essence of DecembeRadio and reverberates throughout their...


1. Believer    
2. Love Found Me    
3. Live And Breathe    
4. Better Man    
5. Find You Waiting    
6. Powerful Thing    
7. Satisfy Me    
8. Drifter    
9. Love Can    
10. Be Alright    
11. Gasoline    
Live - CD

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