Great Hearts Of Courage - DVD

They Brought Hope & Comfort To Millions

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This uplifting series celebrates the lives and achievements of seven towering figures whose vision, courage, and talent changed the course of history. Here, in their own words and insightful interviews with noted historians, journalists, and cultural figures, are their powerful stories. Compelling archival footage is a moving testament to how these 20th century icons shaped their times and how they continue to inspire new generations. Disc 1: • _Billy Graham_ - The most celebrated religious figure of the 20th century and a comforting voice to the nation and the world in its most difficult hours. • _Martin Luther King, Jr._ - From a church pulpit to a human rights icon and man of peace in a time of war. • _Nelson Mandela_ - His spirit unbroken after his 27-year imprisonment, Mandela was the face of the anti-apartheid struggle and was elected South Africa's first black president in 1994. Disc 2: • _C.S. Lewis_ - "Narnia" and his other imaginative works continue to bring magic into the lives of children and adults. • _Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn_ - The force of truth in his great book "The Gulag Archipelago" proved more powerful than the military might of the brutal Soviet empire he risked his freedom to expose. • _Mother Teresa_ - The "Saint of the Gutters" is synonymous with compassion for the suffering. • _Elie Wiesel_ - He survived the horrors of the Holocaust to become a witness on behalf of those who could no longer speak. Approximate total running time is over 3 hours.

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Great Hearts Of Courage - DVD

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