Beautiful Exchange, A - CD

Sung By Hillsong Worship
Hillsong · 2010
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Hillsong Live returns with an all-new album entitled, A Beautiful Exchange.

Recorded at Hillsong Church in Australia, these powerful worship songs explore themes including sacrifice & redemption ("A Beautiful Exchange"), extraordinary love ("Our God Is Love"), and comforting hope ("Forever Reign") which is also the first radio single and looks to be a song that will be quickly adopted by churches everywhere.

Hillsong Live albums are moving experiences led by worship leaders including Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, and Darlene Zschech to name a few. Other key songs include "Open My Eyes", "Love Like Fire" and "Greatness of God".

Hillsong Live has the current no. 1 worship song in churches - "Mighty To Save".

Hillsong Live has sold over 11 million albums worldwide.

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ISBN13: 9320428151094
Item: 321536
Publisher: Hillsong
Published: 2010
Release Date: 2010-06-29

Hillsong Worship


1. Our God Is Love    
2. Open My Eyes Sample    
3. Forever Reign    
4. The One Who Saves    
5. Like Incense / Sometime By Step Sample    
6. The Greatness Of Our God    
7. The Father's Heart    
8. You    
9. Love Like Fire    
10. Believe    
11. Beautiful Exchange Sample    
12. Thank You    
Hillsong Live Tour 2010

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Beautiful Exchange, A - CD

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