Cross And The Towers, The

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September 11th, 2001 is a date that will never be forgotten. On this day, ordinary men and women would face the unbelievable and experience that few ever dreamed or thought possible: a terrorist attack in the heart of New York City that claimed nearly three thousand lives and left a scene of incomprehensible destruction.

As rescue and recovery began, a select group of men and women would endure their worst nightmare: living and working inside Ground Zero. Day after day they labored to restore the broken city. As weeks turned into months, a feeling of desperation and despair overwhelmed their hearts and minds.

Then, in the midst of the devastation, an amazing discovery would bring hope when hope was needed most. Some called it a mere phenomenon, but others saw it as miraculous. The media noted its appearance; newspaper and television reporters sought to see it for themselves.

Follow the lives of seven individuals whose lives were changed forever, not only by the horrific day of September 11th, but by the stunning symbol of hope they found buried beneath the rubble of Ground Zero. Witness through firsthand accounts this incredible story of hope.

Running Time: 53 minutes

Dove Approved: 5 Doves

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Published: 2010
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The Cross And The Towers

Cross And The Towers, The

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