Fruits of the Spirit - DVD

Auto B Good Faith Collection
Osmango · 2011
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Welcome to the City of Auto, a place where cars and trucks come to life to bring fun and excitement on the road to excellent character. Each story is fuel-injected with valuable moral lessons on topics like courage, goodwill, confidence, and patience. Join Johnny, EJ, Izzi, Cali and friends in adventures packed with thrills, laughs, and a meaningful faith message that will last a lifetime.

Auto-B-Good is a wonderful place for kids to explore and learn what it means to be upright in character. Each episode is built around an important core value and is hand-tooled with stories and songs that help children live out their faith through making good choices.

Center of the Universe (Gentleness)
Up From the Depths (Joyfulness)
No Greater Love (Faithfulness)
Cheaters U-Turn (Goodness)
The Quest for Power (Peacefulness)
Monster Trap (Faithfulness)
Issadora's Box (Self-Control)
Breaking New Ground (Love)

Bonus Episodes
Bully Bully (Kindness)
Cooler Heads Prevail (Patience)

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Auto B Good Faith Collection


Fruits of the Spirit - DVD

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