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Provident Label Group · 2011
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What does it mean to call yourself a Christian? And what do people in other parts of the world think about Christians? Alex, Matt, Michael, and Will are the epitome of church kids, having been raised in the affluent, Christian bubble of Dallas, Texas. They know all the right things to say. However, they begin to suspect that their checklist Christianity might just be a convenient support of their worldly biases. A better perspective requires distance, they reason. So, they travel to Europe to question strangers and, more important, to more seriously ask themselves: Is the Jesus in the Bible the healthy, wealthy American Jesus they've so long believed in?

Their travels feature ten European cities including Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, and Munich. Beginning in London, they narrate, city by city, from a roundtable in a studio, tackling topics such as materialism, sexuality, alcohol, and entertainment. As the journey progresses, they build a deep bond with each other and discover a new meaning for the words, "trusting in Jesus." By the end of their adventure, they truly begin to understand the joy and redemption that comes from giving up the world to follow Jesus.

DVD includes film, bonus scenes, outtakes & link to printable study guide.

A perfect starting point for those wanting to reach young adults & teens.

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Beware Of Christians

Beware Of Christians

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Beware Of Christians

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Beware of Christians - DVD

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