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Point Of Grace
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The women of point of grace are celebrating 20 years together, and with this celebration they offer A Thousand Little Things, their 12th record. Brimming with the beautiful harmonies, encouraging lyrics, and graceful melodies that Shelley Breen, Denise Jones and Leigh Cappillino are known for, A Thousand Little Things reminds us to be mindful of the multitude of blessings god has given us.

You may ask yourself how a band who has already achieved such monumental success - 27 #1 songs, 13 Dove Awards, two GRAMMY® nominations, career album sales in excess of seven million with multiple Platinum® and Gold® certifications - presses on? it's quite simple: they love what they do, and they love sharing it with their fans.

The notion of gratitude is woven throughout the album, especially in "A Thousand Little Things", which lists the many things to take notice of - and be thankful for - in everyday life. "In all of those little moments in life, little and big, we're reminded that there is a creator that loves us and wants us to have a good life while we're here," Shelley says. "and we're grateful for that." Leigh chimes in, "Every single day, there are a thousand little things we can truly be thankful for, so I sing that little song all the time."

The band also flexed their songwriting skills on this album, penning three songs, including the uplifting, instantly appealing title track. "I wouldn't say that writing is something that god naturally laid on any of us, but there were specific things that we wanted to say," Denise explains.

Several tracks on the record have a more reflective feel, mirroring what each woman was experiencing in her personal life and in her relationships with family and friends. "For me, 'What I Already Know' just ate me alive," Leigh admits. "In the studio, I couldn't even sing the doggone thing - it took me back and really sunk deep into my being." denise adds, "'What I Already Know' is a prayer: Lord, I know you're guiding me, and I trust you. 'I Believe In You' was dedicated to our kids, and wanting to say to them, 'I believe that you're going to make good choices.' and 'only Jesus' hit at a time when my friend's mom died, and nothing else can take away that pain except for trusting that Jesus is going to rise in that occasion for you."

The ladies of Point Of Grace remind us all to be grateful for the thousand little things we'll experience today, from a warm cup of coffee in the morning to a bedtime novel at night.

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Point Of Grace

Point Of Grace

Music has the power to entertain and encourage, to both uplift and to challenge us. For 15 years, Point Of Grace has built a successful career delivering songs of substance. While their lovely voices and soaring harmonies entertained, their songs illuminated the complexities of the human spirit and spurred us toward closer relationships with each other and our God. On their new collection How You Live, Shelley Breen, Leigh Cappillino, Denise Jones and Heather Payne serve up a compelling...


1. Good Enough    
2. Heaven Knows    
3. A Thousand Little Things    
4. Only Jesus    
5. What I Already Know    
6. Might Be Today    
7. Wash Me Away    
8. You Be The One    
9. I Believe In You (Dedication Song)    
10. Saving Jesus    
A Thousand Little Things

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Thousand Little Things, A - CD

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