Worship Piano Method Level 1, The - Piano Book/CD

Hal Leonard
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The Worship Piano Method is designed for beginning piano students who desire to praise God through His gift of music. Using solid pedagogy, appealing songs, Bible verses and fun activities, this course provides a strong foundation to develop both piano skills and a lifestyle of worship. The companion CD features professional-quality backing tracks to help students play with confidence and sound great! The CD is playable on any CD player, and is also enhanced so you can download MIDI files for each song.

Includes 23 original praise songs

A step-by-step course for teaching beginners using children's worship songs, hymns and original pieces

Designed for ages 7-10

All-in-one approach with basic instruction, solos, technique and theory

Introduces skills that budding church musicians need to know (creating intros and tags, improvising, etc.)

CD includes great-sounding backing tracks, enhanced with downloadable MIDI files

Can be used on its own or alongside any other piano method

Ideal for homeschoolers


01. Reading Music - A Basic Overview

02. Treble Clef: Middle C, Treble G

03. Bass Clef: Middle C, Bass F

04. Steps in the Treble Clef

05. Steps in the Bass Clef

06. Ties

07. Skips

08. Pickup Notes

09. New Note: Treble A

10. New Note: Treble B

11. New Notes: Bass C, D, E

12. Intervals: 2nds, 3rds

13. Staccato & Legato

14. Intervals: 4ths

15. Intervals: 5ths

16. Ritardando

17. Sharps, Flats, Naturals

18. New Notes: High C-G

19. 1st & 2nd Endings

20. New Notes: Low G, A, B

21. Crescendo & Diminuendo

22. D.S. al Fine

23. Certificate of Completion

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Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard

In the late 1930s in Winona, Minnesota, Harold "Hal" Edstrom, his brother Everett "Leonard" Edstrom and their friend Roger Busdicker had formed a very popular dance band. The Edstroms' father didn't approve of his sons becoming travelling musicians, and did not want them to use the family name. Consequently, Harold and Ev took parts of their names and called the band Hal Leonard. As leader of the Hal Leonard Band, Ev eventually became known as "Hal Leonard". Hal Leonard - the print publishing...


1. All Day My Heart Is Singing    
2. Alpha and Omega    
3. Always Watching    
4. Call to Worship    
5. Come, Let Us Sing    
6. Come, Thou Almighty King    
7. Every Day In Every Way    
8. Fill the Air with Praise    
9. For The Beauty Of The Earth    
10. Give Him Glory    
11. Hear the Bells    
12. Here Comes the King    
13. Holy Bible, Book Divine    
14. Holy Is Your Name    
15. How Big the Father's Love    
16. I Am Bound For The Promised Land    
17. I Give My Best    
18. I Will Praise You    
19. I've Got Peace Like a River    
20. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee    
21. Lord, I Will Sing    
22. Love the Lord    
23. My God Is So Great, So Strong and So Mighty    
24. My Hands Are His    
25. My Melody of Praise (C D E F G)    
26. My Melody of Praise (D E F G A)    
27. My Song of Praise (C D E)    
28. My Song of Praise (G A B C D)    
29. Name That Hymn!    
30. Oh, How I Love Jesus    
31. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow    
32. Praise To The Lord, The Almighty    
33. Quiet Waters    
34. Right Here    
35. Sing and Shout!    
36. Thanksgiving Prayer    
37. What a Mighty God We Serve    
38. Where Is God?    
39. Wonderful Words Of Life    
40. Your Love Will Endure    
Worship Piano Method Level 1, The - Piano Book/CD

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