Holy Hip Hop Vol. 13 - 2 CD

Taking The Gospel To The Streets

Various Artists, Holy Hip Hop Series
Capitol Christian Distribution
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Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel to the Streets, Vol. 13 highlight Ministers of the Gospel as voted by the Holy Hip Hop Global Community, with over 100,000 MP3 streams over the series online song voting periods.

Volume 13 of the long-lasting CD Series remains a steady favourite. The Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel To The Streets brand satisfy the growing demand for spiritually enlightening music in both Christian and secular cultures. This trailblazing Grammy and Stellar Award nominated CD Compilation series continues to gain popularity and fans through its uplifting message just like Wow and X.

Includes bonus Inspiration Jam, Vol. 6 CD.

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Publisher: Capitol Christian Distribution
Label: Holy Hip Hop
Release Date: 2012-04-24

Holy Hip Hop Series


Various Artists


CD 1: Holy Hip Hop Vol. 13
1. Righteous - Fro    
2. Reach - Wayne JTM    
3. Can't Wait - State    
4. Just Start Here - Least Of All    
5. Never Ashamed - Nova Miller    
6. Tonight - Wayne JTM    
7. Ain't About - Patience    
8. The Fight - B. Wright    
9. Delilah - Wayne JTM    
10. World Wide - Priesthood    
11. Shine - Priesthood    
12. So Good - B. Wright    
CD 2: Inspirational Jam Vol. 6
1. Think About You - D. Reed    
2. In Case - Jabazz    
3. One Chance - D. Reed    
4. To You - Jabazz    
Holy Hip Hop Vol. 13 - 2 CD

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