Beautiful Disaster - CD

Fresh IE
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Fresh IE's seventh commercial release is a Beautiful Disaster. Following two Grammy nominated albums, a Juno nomination and several Canadian music awards, writing Beautiful Disaster took the least amount of time to create as the lyrics and melodies flowed out with ease.

All nine songs came from an open heart filled with pain, remorse and love. The album was written at a time of healing from two broken hearts. Every song from the heart of a man reaffirming his love and life to his wife. While some of the songs express sad melodic rhythms there are songs of jubilation as a man shares raw emotions any couple will recognize.

Beautiful Disaster has universal qualities of emotions felt by couples who've been through the fire and came back to show love conquers all.

Beautiful Disaster sonically grabs you with heart pounding kicks and pulsating synth lines infusing Pop, Dance, R&B and Hip Hop to paint a vivid picture of grace and redemption.

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Release Date: 2012-06-05
Fresh IE

Fresh IE

Struggle. That in one word describes the childhood, the life and music career of Robert Wilson. But growing up in poverty didn't stop his love of music, it fostered it. Music became the most important source of refuge in his young life. From the dysfunction around him he learned to reach inside and found a way to grasp attention then would turn around and use it entertain those around him. Today, same story. Different decade. Except he's more well known now as Fresh IE. Fresh IE not only...


1. Merry Go Round Sample    
2. Oxygen feat: Shadow    
3. Tonight    
4. Angel Sample    
5. Ride Sample    
6. Sugar    
7. Welcome Home feat: DiJohn    
8. Dead Skin    
9. Fallen Together    
Beautiful Disaster - CD

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