New Perspective, A - CD

Torchmen Quartet, The
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After more than 40 years of ministry, Canada's best known southern gospel quartet The Torchmen are still going strong with their latest release, A New Perspective.

Whether the song is an up tempo toe tapper, a smooth ballad or a classic old hymn, their years of experience creates solid rich four part harmony that is soothing and uplifting. On this project the guys have re-released songs that were just too meaningful let go unheard, and have re-arranged and re-mixed to fit the new configuration of the group. Whether you've never heard this group before, or have been a long time fan, this is one album you're not going to want to miss.

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Release Date: 2012-06-05

Torchmen Quartet, The


1. I Want to Make a Difference Sample    
2. I'll Keep on Leaning Sample    
3. Just One More Song    
4. I Will Pray    
5. Fair Exchange    
6. Wish You Were Here    
7. City in the Sky    
8. Light at the End of the Darkness    
9. I Remember the Time    
10. In the Cross    
11. Over the Door    
12. I'd Rather Have Jesus Sample    
New Perspective, A - CD

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