iStand With Israel - CD

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The United States and Israel share a common foundation. Both were built on the cornerstone of God's Word and the shared Judeo-Christian faith of our fathers.

The iStand With Israel 2012 Campaign is intentionally designed to remind all Believers everywhere that they should continue to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. This is critical in an extremely important election year for both the United States and Israel. The Jewish people have survived much throughout history - persecution, the Inquisition, Russia's violent pogroms, the Holocaust - and now constant threats to their survival in their historic homeland. Through all the turmoil, however, God's promises have endured. What a joy it is to see the Jewish people flourish in their ancestral homeland - a testimony to the faithfulness and power of our covenant-keeping God.

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Publisher: Provident Label Group
Label: Galilee Of The Nations
Release Date: 2012-08-07

Various Artists


1. King of the Universe - House of Peace    
2. Passover Lamb - House of Peace    
3. Beloved - Jordan Elias    
4. Rejoice - Jordan Elias    
5. Al Tiru (Fear Not!) - Karen Davis    
6. A Thousand Generations - Sean Spicer with Tilly Cryar    
7. As For Me And My House - John Waller    
8. The Forgotten People - Ted Pearce    
9. Garden Of Secrets - Shani Ferguson    
10. Baruch Ata Adonai - Marc Chopinsky    
11. Bless Us And Keep Us - John Waller    
iStand With Israel - CD

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