Cowboys & Bananas - DVD

The Flizbins
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The Flizbin's is an all new, award winning show for children that combines live action characters, fun puppets and vibrant 3D worlds with great stories and catchy songs to create entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Join Finley and The Band in amazing adventures as they learn about who they are in Christ and how to love others on purpose.

When Hero City's cleaning robot goes haywire who could possibly be important enough to save the day? None other than SuperFin, the greatest Flizbin of all time... at least in Finley's imagination. But what if you're not a superhero? Can you still be important?

In this wild and woolly retelling of the story of the lost lamb, children will learn a valuable lesson in just how important we are to God

Format: DVD/Wide Screen
Run Time: Approx. 49 Minutes
Language: English
Dove Approval/Rating: All Ages (5 Doves)

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ISBN13: 9780740328022
UPC: 855405003015
Item: 327154
Label: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Release Date: 2012-08-07

The Flizbins


Cowboys & Bananas - DVD

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