Flying Nun Season 1, The - 4 DVD

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_The Flying Nun - Season 1_ is a 4 DVD set featuring every episode of the first season of the show from 1967. Two-time Academy Award® winner *Sally Field*, flies in and out of trouble as Sister Bertrille in this timeless series. From being mistaken for enemy aircraft to disrupting a meeting of mobsters, Sister Bertrille manages to find herself in precarious and hilarious situations, bringing God’s light and love to all she meets. As a bonus, the set also includes an interview titled _A Look Back At The Flying Nun_. Audio and subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Approximate total running time is 10 hours, 17 minutes. Rated G.

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Disc 1
1. The Flying Nun (30 Minute Pilot Episode)    
2. The Convert    
3. Old Cars For New    
4. A Bell For San Tanco    
5. Fatal Hibiscus    
6. Flight Of The Do-Do Birds    
Disc 2
1. Cyrano De Bertrille    
2. Reconversion Of A Sister    
3. Where There's A Will    
4. Puce Alert    
5. ...Wind Be Always At My Back    
6. Love Me, Love My Dog    
7. You Can't Get There From Here    
Disc 3
1. Wailing In Winter Wonder    
2. With A Friend Like Him    
3. Tonio's Mother    
4. A Fish Story    
5. The Hot Spell    
6. My Sister, The Sister    
7. Sister Lucky    
8. The Sister & The Old Salt    
Disc 4
1. Polly Wants A Crack In The Head    
2. Ah Love, Can You & I    
3. Days Of Nuns & Roses    
4. With Love From Irving    
5. Ill Wind    
6. Young Man With A Cornette    
7. Patron Of Santa Tomasina    
8. If You Want To Fly...    
9. The Dig In    
Flying Nun Season 1, The - 4 DVD

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