Lessons From The Sock Drawer - DVD

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Join Bob, Larry and all the VeggieTales friends for _Lessons From The Sock Drawer_ - a special collection of the most entertaining and zany lesson-based shorts from everyone's most beloved veggies.

When Bob and Larry get a letter from a little boy who has lost his hamster, they must find a way to cheer him up. Thankfully, Larry keeps "The Veggie Vault" in his sock drawer, so there's always a funny story close at hand.

Co-hosted by the vault keeper Lutfi the sock puppet, _Lessons From The Sock Drawer_ is filled with hilarity, music and over 70 minutes of silliness.

_Lessons From The Sock Drawer_ includes 13 shorts, plus 8 minutes of all-new material and is sure to tickle everyone's funny bone while teaching a few lessons along the way.

Bonus features include the VeggieTales creators sharing stories about the origin of each short.

*FREE* CD premium with purchase of this title, which includes 6 best-loved VeggieTales songs while supplies last.


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1. Dr. Jiggle And Mr. Sly    
2. Larry's Lagoon    
3. Omelet    
4. Going Up    
5. The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill    
6. And much more    
Lessons From The Sock Drawer - DVD

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