Honoring The Fathers Of Bluegrass:Tribute To 1946 & 1947 - CD

Sung By Ricky Skaggs
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Cross-pollination has been a mainstay throughout Ricky's career. From his weekly collaborations with various artists as host of The Nashville Network's "Monday Night Concerts" in the 90s to his most recent pairing with renowned pianist and songwriter *Bruce Hornsby*. Backed by *Kentucky Thunder* and a few special guests, Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby draw from deep roots in mountain music - adding piano and Hornsby's inimitable songwriting to the core bluegrass lineup of mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle and banjo. Ricky Skaggs has often said that he is "just trying to make a living" playing the music he loves, but it's clear that his passion for bluegrass puts him in the position to bring this lively, distinctively American form of music out of isolation and into the ears and hearts of those across the country and around the world. skaggs.musiccitynetworks.com

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Ricky Skaggs

A life full of music. That's the story of Ricky Skaggs. By age twenty-one, he was already considered a "recognized master" of one of America's most demanding art forms, but his career took him in other directions, catapulting him to popularity and success in the mainstream of country music. His life's path has taken him to various musical genres, from where it all began in bluegrass music, to striking out on new musical journeys, while still leaving his musical roots intact. 2009 marks the...


1. Goin' Back To Old Kentucky Sample    
2. When You're Lonely    
3. Toy Heart    
4. It's Mighty Dark To Travel    
5. Mother's Only Sleeping    
6. Bluegrass Breakdown Sample    
7. Little Cabin Home On The Hill    
8. Mansions For Me    
9. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong    
10. Why Did You Wander    
11. Remember The Cross    
12. The Old Crossroad Sample    
Honoring The Fathers Of Bluegrass:Tribute To 1946 & 1947 - CD

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