Son of David - CD

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Experience the "Culture of Heaven" with worship from the believers living in the Land of Israel today. "Son of David", celebrates Israel's 60th Anniversary as the follow up to the Internationally acclaimed CD from the Land of Israel, "Adonai", which celebrated Israel's Jubilee (50th Anniversary in 1998).

There are over 300 Messianic Prophecies in the Bible! Read this "Son of David" Messianic Prophecy Booklet and find new depth in your understanding of God's eternal plan for the future.

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Release Date: 2012-08-07
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Various Artists


1. Hear O Israel (Sm'ma Yisrael) Sample    
2. Ten L'esh Lipol (Let the Fire Fall) Sample    
3. Seh HaElohim (Lamb of God) Sample    
4. Kadosh Ata (You Are Holy) Sample    
5. Adonai Ahuvi (Lord, My Beloved)    
6. Ezo Min Ahava Zot (What Kind of Love is This?) Sample    
7. Eineni Bosh (I am not Ashamed)    
8. Ana Adonai ( O Lord, I beseech You) Sample    
9. Halo Yadata (Have You Not Known) Sample    
10. Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) Sample    
11. Scarlet (Shani) Sample    
12. Od V'Od (More and More) Sample    
13. Son of David (Ben David) Sample    
14. Mimkomkha (From Your Dwelling Place) Sample    
15. Ha Eretz (The Land) Sample    
16. Yeshua, Melech HaKavod (Yeshua, King of Glory)    
Son of David - CD

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