Flurries Of Fun - 3DVD Set

Sung By Care Bears
Fox Home Entertainment
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_Flurries Of Fun_ features 3 Care Bears DVDs and also includes a Care Bears memory card game and an activity book. _Oopsy Does It_ - The Care Bears are back, in an all new CGI adventure like you’ve never seen before. When Cheer and Grumpy Bear build an amusement park for their friends, Oopsy Bear accidentally destroys it. And who is Oopsy and is he the only Care Bear without a belly badge? Grizzle, an evil bear, uses Oopsy’s mistake in a plot to steal the Care Bears’ belly badges. Will Oopsy stumble to the rescue... or will he just... stumble? _Grizzle-ly Adventures_ - These fun stories include the new bad bear in the neighborhood - Grizzle. He’s a mean little bear in a big robot suit who hates caring. Can the Care Bears thwart his evil plots? Watch these Grizzle-ly adventures and see! In _Broken_, Share Bear won’t share her favourite necklace to help a friend, but goes to Grizzle instead. Will Grizzle help or just share more trouble with the Care Bears? In _Emma’s Dilemma_, things are missing all over Care-a-lot. The Care Bears let Emma help—but she ends up missing, too, thanks to Grizzle. Can Emma and the bears find a way out of his trap? _Ups & Downs_ - Even Care-a-lot has its ups and downs. Laugh with the Care Bears through theirs in these two funny, new stories. In _Cheer Up_, Cheer Bear wants to throw a surprise party for Surprise Bear. But how can you possibly surprise Surprise? And, who will cheer up Cheer Bear when she gets frustrated trying to hide the party plans from Surprise? In _Down to Earth_, Jake moved to a new town and is missing his old friends. Can Funshine Bear show him how to “find the fun” and make new friends in his new neighborhood? And, will Funshine make it back to Care-a-lot? Approximate total running time is 2 hours, 42 minutes.

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Care Bears


1. Oopsy Does It    
1. Grizzle-ly Adventures    
1. Ups & Downs    
Flurries Of Fun - 3DVD Set

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