Taking The High Road Turbo - DVD

Sung By Auto B Good
Rising Star Studios · 2009
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It’s race time! Join Johnny while he races against the best in the world as the City of Auto celebrates the opening of the new Morales Highway. Will the other cars cheat to win or will Johnny prove victorious?

Children will learn about goodness, dignity and integrity. With each episode being wrapped up with a Christian music video, this video is full of fun and Bible-centered values!

Includes 4 Auto B Good episodes.

Approximate total running time is 50 minutes.


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Publisher: Rising Star Studios
Label: Rising Star Studios
Published: 2009
Release Date: 2009-05-19
Auto B Good

Auto B Good


1. Cheaters U-Turn (Goodness)    
2. The Cobra Canyon Leap (Dignity)    
3. The Integrity Project (Integrity)    
4. A Courtesy Tune-Up (Courtesy)    
Taking The High Road Turbo - DVD

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