Deep Unto Deep - CD

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Deep Unto Deep gathers together many of the skilled worship leaders and devotional instrumentalists from IHOP (International House Of Prayer), Kansas City and the result is a strikingly beautiful contemplative companion to the devotional favorite "Deep unto Deep" by Dana Candler.

Each track is inspired by a chapter in the book, showcasing diverse styles while retaining the essential thread of the journey into the embrace of God presented in the book.

This enhanced CD includes a teaching by Dana and a new 12-page chapter-by-chapter study guide for Dana's book.

The study guide is an excellent resource in drawing closer to God through well thought out discussion questions and meditation aids.

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Various Artists


1. Deep Unto Deep - Ruth Fazal    
2. The Nobility Of Barren Prayer - Gregg Stone    
3. He Is A Bridegroom - Julie Meyer    
4. Awakened To Love - Julie Meyer    
5. Face To Face With Love - Joshua Hawkins    
6. Personal Receiving - Marcus Meier    
7. Dark Yet Lovely - David Wiens    
8. Longing - Ruth Fazal    
9. Communion With The Beloved - Carol Hall    
10. Believing The Unseen - David Wiens    
11. Prisoners Of Hope - Pablo Perez    
12. Seasons Of Relevance - Luke Hendrickson    
13. Consumed With Love's Fire - Gregg Stone    
Deep Unto Deep - CD

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