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Sung By Bananas Series
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Watching Ken is like eating the frosting on the cake or licking the cake batter off the mixer blades while they are still running.

His daily syndicated comedy radio show in the U.S. called _Lighten Up! with Ken Davis_ is heard on over 1,200 radio stations with an audience of over a million people a day.

Performed at more than 1,000 sold out comedy concerts across the United States.

Featured speaker at Promise Keeper events.

Frequent guest on _Focus on the Family_.

Featured in Forbes Celebrity 100 Magazine 2005.

This “appealing” comedy show is more than just a guy on a stage, its interviews of the not-so-serious kind and some hilarious unscripted moments caught on tape. Best of all its good clean fun for the entire family.

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Bananas Series

Bananas is a clean comedy television series produced by Guardian Studios and is taped before a live audience. The show features a different nationally recognized comedian each week and is hosted by L.A. comic, Thor Ramsey. Bananas recently received the Midwest Regional Emmy Award for Best Entertainment Program. Expanded biographies for each comedian can be found on their artist page. Paul Aldrich Paul Aldrich, described as a combination between Steve Martin, Weird Al and...


Ken Davis - DVD

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