Gotta Have Musica Cristiana - CD

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This compilation features 16 powerful songs from today’s hit-makers in the Latin Christian Music world. _Gotta Have Musica Cristiana_ includes signature songs from platinum-selling artist Jaci Velasquez _De creer en ti_, Rene Gonzalez _Mi Iglesia_, Aline Barros _Dios es alegre_, Alex Campo _Al taller de Maestro_, Marcos Witt _Dios de pactos_ and many more. A bonus feature is the song _Mi testimonio_ from cross-over and Grammy-winning artist Juan Luis Guerra. Encompassing breath-taking ballads, Funky reggaeton, and praise and worship anthems like _Canta al Senor_ by Ingrid Rosario and _Dias de Elias_ by Paul Wilbur, this is a must buy album for the Latin music aficionado.

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Various Artists


1. De Creer En Ti - Jaci Velasquez Sample    
2. Yo Creo En Ti - Luis Pedraza    
3. Dios Lo Hará Otra Vez - Rut Mixter    
4. Fortaleza - Danilo Montero    
5. Mi Iglesia - René Gonzalez Sample    
6. Mi Testimonio - Juan Luis Guerra    
7. Padre Nuestro - Jon Montalban    
8. Revolución - Rojo    
9. Dios Es Alegre - Aline Barros Sample    
10. Mi Maestro - Funky    
11. Al Taller De Maestro - Alex Campo    
12. Jesús Siempre Llega A Tiempo - Samuel Hernándes    
13. Canta Al Señor - Ingrid Rosario    
14. Dios De Pactos - Marcos Witt    
15. Días De Elias - Paul Wilbur    
16. Enamorada - Julissa    
Gotta Have Musica Cristiana - CD

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