Boyz In The Sink - CD

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_Boyz In The Sink_ is the popular VeggieTales boy band introduced in *The Ballad Of Little Joe* DVD.

Beloved by fans for their wildly popular _Belly Button_ song, the band has decided to produce their very first full length album!

Featuring cool new songs like _The B-O-Y-Z Dance_ and _The Funky Polka_, as well as a brand new remix of the _Belly Button_ song. Fans will be delighted with this debut album from the now famous _Boyz In The Sink_.

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1. Boyz In The Sink    
2. Bigger Than The Boogie Man    
3. The B-O-Y-Z Dance    
4. Belly Button    
5. The Hairbrush Song    
6. Do The Moo Shoo    
7. My Day    
8. The Funky Polka    
9. Cheeseburger    
10. Oh No! What We Gonna Do?    
11. I Can Be Your Friend    
Boyz In The Sink - CD

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