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Songs Of Randy Travis Vol. 1 - CD

Sung By Karaoke Style
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Features 6 tracks in both karaoke track and vocal demonstration.

Karaoke tracks include background vocals.

CD includes CD+G (karaoke graphics displayed on-screen) as well as the lyric sheet.

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Label: Daywind Music Group

Karaoke Style


Karaoke Tracks
1. Angels (Key: E)    
2. Shallow Water (Key: B)    
3. Raise Him Up (Key: B)    
4. Pray For The Fish (Key: D)    
5. That's Jesus (Key: G)    
6. Three Wooden Crosses (Key: Eb)    
Vocal Demostrations
1. Angels    
2. Pray For The Fish    
3. Raise Him Up    
4. Shallow Water    
5. That's Jesus    
6. Three Wooden Crosses    
Songs Of Randy Travis Vol. 1 - CD

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