24 - 2 CD

Sung By Point Of Grace
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All of Point Of Grace's record setting 24 consecutive #1 songs.

New milestone in the history of music as no one in country, rock, or R&B has had this many consecutive hits.

Special edition 16 page booklet with rare photos and quotes from each member of the group.

Exclusive bonus track not available anywhere else.

Matching Folio also available.


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Release Date: 2003-04-08
Point Of Grace

Point Of Grace

Music has the power to entertain and encourage, to both uplift and to challenge us. For 15 years, Point Of Grace has built a successful career delivering songs of substance. While their lovely voices and soaring harmonies entertained, their songs illuminated the complexities of the human spirit and spurred us toward closer relationships with each other and our God. On their new collection How You Live, Shelley Breen, Leigh Cappillino, Denise Jones and Heather Payne serve up a compelling...


24 - Double CD - Disc 1
1. Day By Day    
2. I'll Be Believing Sample    
3. One More Broken Heart    
4. Jesus Will Still Be There    
5. Faith, Hope And Love    
6. I Have No Doubt    
7. No More Pain    
8. The Great Divide    
9. Dying To Reach You    
10. Gather At The River    
11. God Is With Us    
12. Love Like No Other    
24 - Double CD - Disc 2
1. Keep The Candle Burning    
2. You Are The Answer    
3. Circle Of Friends Sample    
4. That's The Way It's Meant To Be    
5. Steady On    
6. Saving Grace    
7. When The Wind Blows    
8. Wonder Of It All    
9. My God    
10. The Song Is Alive    
11. Blue Skies    
12. He Sends His Love    
13. Praise Forevermore    
24 - 2 CD

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