Thou Shalt Knot! - Game

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The game that ties fun and the 10 Commandments together!

Thou Shalt Knot contains 2 sets of Ten Commandment tiles and 1 set of Number Tiles 1-10. Each Commandment is divided into multiple word tiles. Players connect word tiles to recreate a whole Commandment. Each completed Commandment earns 1 token. You can also earn tokens by adding the correct number tile to a Commandment. Be the first player to collect tokens to win! Thou Shalt Knot is a fun interactive way to learn the Commandments.

Perfect for:
Sunday Schools
Bible Study Groups
At Home

Ages 7+
2-4 Players
15 min to play

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Published: 2011
Release Date: 2011-10-11



Thou Shalt Knot! - Game

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