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Photo Gallery: Eisley At Hard Rock Café, Niagara Falls, NY
Posted: Tuesday April 17th, 2012

On March 22nd, Eisley brought the Deep Space Tour to the Hard Rock Café in Niagara Falls, NY. Special guests on the our include label-mates Tallhart (f.k.a. Marksmen) and Merriment (Christine Dupree). As the Texas-based band does not visit Western New York often, fans drove from all over the region and the near capacity crowd was treated to an intimate evening of melodic alternative rock. The tour coincides with the release of the band's third project The Valley.

Eisley's Room Noises and Combinations are available at your local Canadian Christian retailer. If you do not live near a retailer, you can order them here.

Here are images from the evening:




Chauntelle DuPree

Stacy Dupree

Chauntelle DuPree

Weston DuPree

Sherri DuPree

Stacy Dupree

Garron DuPree [left] and Sherri DuPree [right]